Toddlers Program Philosophy

Welcome to the Kids Inn Toddler program. The children in the Toddler program range from ages 12 months to 2 years. In the Toddler program we strive to provide a warm and nurturing environment that will promote each child's physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual development. At this age the toddlers are learning to walk, talk, and find their place in the world. They need lots of physical activity and sensory play. Through developmentally appropriate curriculum, love, and acceptance, your toddler will develop a sense of self confidence. Through this is very important lesson, your toddler will learn to begin to think for themselves and be able to work out their own solutions to problems.

The teachers in the Toddler program recognize that each child learns and develops at their own pace on their own level. Children of the same age will not necessarily develop and learn at the same rate. We treat each child as a unique individual, working from the level that each child has attained and move forward one step at a time. We teach a love of learning by allowing the children to experience their and accomplishment. The Toddler teachers plan developmentally appropriate curriculum that is integrated into the areas of creative art, dramatic play, literacy, cognitive games, and gross/fine motor. Classroom routines encourage active involvement, reinforcement through repetition, and a sense of security. Schedules are designed to balance structure and free choice, as well as active and quiet times.

We recognize that it is a very difficult thing for parents to place their toddler in care, and will do what it takes to make this a transition time as smooth and easy as possible for the toddler and the parent. Communication plays an important role in supporting toddler needs. A complete record of care will be made available at the end of each day, which includes details of diapering, sleeping, eating, and disposition. We work hard to encourage and establish a positive and productive relationship with the families. Parent involvement and feedback is always welcome.

Toddler Program Skills

By the time the children come into the Toddler Program, our hope is that they are able to crawl well, pull themselves up, are eating finger foods, and drinking from a sippy cup. Through a developmentally appropriate curriculum your toddler will be encouraged to begin to follow simple directions, ask and answer simple questions, and gain a sense of autonomy through being offered simple choices. Your toddler will be introduced to "circle time" where we will work on our literacy and language skills, engage in simple conversations, and begin to introduce and teach shapes, colors, and numbers. The teachers in this program provide a safe and supervised environment where the toddlers are encouraged to participate in gross/fine motor activities, music and movement, creative art, sensory play, and science/math through "cooking" projects and experiments. Below is a list of specific skills and some examples of how we work with your toddler to develop them: Gross Motor-rolling/catching balls of different sizes, push and pull toys, walking toys, areas to safely walk/run, dancing, crawling through tunnels, ride on toys with four wheels, etc. Fine Motor-Building towers with blocks and knocking them down, turning the pages of a book, scribbling with crayons, shape sorters, finger plays, using utensils, picking up foods, etc. Social-use of words to express wants, needs, feelings, gentle actions and play, etc. Language-looking at and talking about picture books, songs, stories, labeling objects, identifying persons, words for wants and needs, etc. Cognitive-simple directions, songs and finger plays, cause and effect toys, etc. Sensory-water table, play dough, shaving cream, etc. Our goal is to make Kids Inn a safe and happy environment for you and your child. There are a few things you can supply to help us achieve this: Diapers- Please supply one package of diapers. A 48 hour notice will be given when our supply is almost out. Wipes-Please supply one package of wipes. A 48 hour notice will be given when our supply is almost out. Diaper Ointment/Powder-If an ointment/powder permission form is filled out, you may bring in a tube of ointment/powder in its original package to be applied at diaper change. Extra Clothes-Your child's cubby should be stocked with seasonably appropriate clothing. Nap Items-Please bring in a blanket and a pillowcase to be used as a sheet for your child's mat. You may also choose to bring in a pillow and special stuffed animal. Pacifier-If your child uses a pacifier, please bring in 2. One to be kept as a backup. These will be used for nap time. As your child grows they will move on to work with the following skills.

  • trial and error learning
  • organization and control of the environment
  • use of their senses
  • insight
  • control and use of language
  • toilet training
  • autonomy

  • practice using self restraint
  • decision making
  • colors, shapes, sizes
  • symbols
  • vocabulary development
  • ability to use body
  • cause and effect

Our goal is to make Kids Inn a safe and happy environment for you and your child. There are a few things you can do to help us achieve this.

Please provide:

  1. Extra clothes- socks, shirts, and pants should be kept here and replaced as used or as seasons change.
  2. Diapers- one package and we will inform you when our supply is almost out.
  3. Wipes- one package and we will inform you when our supply is almost out.

For rest time, please send in a crib sheet, small pillow, and blanket to be kept here and brought home on Fridays to be washed.

Toilet training: We will follow your lead. Since we want to be consistent with what you do at home please inform us about your child’s potty process. Open communication on the child’s progress at home and at school is important to prevent mixed messages. However, seeing other toddlers use the toilet at school may increase interest.

Communication: You will receive a toddler tales sheet each day about your child’s life or unusual behavior. If you would like a conference to discuss the situation in depth, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here for you.

Useful Parent Information:

Feeding: In the Toddler 1 Program the children are expected to have transitioned from baby food to whole food. We will be serving nutritious foods from our school menu. Whole milk will be served with morning snack and lunch. Fruit juice will be served with our afternoon snack.

Sleeping: Please provide a blanket and pillowcase (to be used as a sheet to cover our nap mats) for nap time. A small pillow and stuffed animal are also welcome. In the Toddler 1 program we hope to transition the children to the school-wide nap time, 12-2 PM. Naps are not required, but encouraged.

Diapering: The toddlers are changed every two hours, earlier if needed. You may bring in diaper ointment or powder if a permission form has been filled out and it is in its original container. We will give you a 48 hour notice when your infant is running low on diapers and wipes.

Behavior Guidance: In the Toddler 1 Program we use re-direction and positive reinforcement when a "inappropriate" behavior occurs. Young children lack the social-emotion, cognitive, and physical skills needed to comply with many adult demands. The teachers in this program provide the children with problem solving skills and the "words" needed to communicate with peers.