1. What is your policy regarding sick kids?
    If a child has a temperature of 101° or higher, vomiting, two or more bouts of diarrhea, or an undiagnosed rash, the parents will be notified immediately. It is your responsibility to keep your business and emergency numbers up to date. In case of an accident, staff are required to fill out an accident report if there is a noticeable bruise or cut. Please sign this form after you have seen your child and leave a copy in the office. If immediate attention is required, Kids Inn will notify parents or another person as specified on your registration form. Please make sure you sign the medical release statement on the form so no time is wasted. Note that all of our staff is CPR and First Aid certified.

  2. Will you administer medication?
    When necessary, medications prescribed by a physician may be dispensed only if in the original container, properly labeled with the name of the medication, the appropriate dosage, the name of the child, and the name of the physician. In accordance with the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services Bureau of Child Care Standards and Licensing polices, medication must be accompanied by written authorization form signed by a parent. These forms can be obtained in this office. Non-prescription medications will not be administered.

  3. Do I have to pay for days when my child is absent due to illness or vacation?
    You must pay for all days that your child is out sick, or due to school closings for holidays or weather. Adjustments are made for extended illnesses and one week vacation is allowed per school year. Please see our tuition policy for more detail.

  4. What is your discipline policy?
    Kids Inn Early Learning Center operates on the premise that young children are never "bad". The types of inappropriate behavior most often seen in a pre-school age children (such as temper tantrums, refusal to cooperate, hitting other children, and failure to follow rules) are usually the result of a child's level of development. Young children lack the social-emotion, cognitive, and physical skills needed to comply with many adult demands. For more specific details consult our parent's handbook for each age level.

  5. What types of meals and snacks do you serve?
    Parents and providers often have different ideas concerning what is a nutritionally balanced and suitable meal or snack. Parents must be sensitive to the fact that child care providers cannot tailor meals to individual children (unless parents provide the food). However, particular requests or items to avoid should be noted. Any food sensitivities must be stated and clearly understood (such as allergies). Feel free to discuss the stance on occasional treats, junk food, and food preparation with the director.

  6. Do you charge extra if I'm late picking my child up?
    We expect parents to arrive at their scheduled time in order that our staff can go home on schedule. There is a late fee of $5.00 for each ten minutes that a parent is late for pickup. Please check our tuition page for any other questions regarding charges.

  7. What is your overall child care philosophy?
    Our goal is to create a safe, healthy, clean, and supportive environment for you and your child. Qualified staff strives to meet the needs of the children while honoring parent's wishes. As we are in a world that is always on the go, we hope to provide children with a secure, consistent, loving community.

  8. Can I observe/visit my child whenever I like?
    Yes, we have an open door policy and encourage parents to visit us often.
Kids Inn toddler playground

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