The purpose of Kids Inn is to provide quality child care benefiting the child, the parent, and the staff. 

Kids Inn wants all children to have the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually by playing, exploring, and learning with others in a fun, safe, and healthy environment. 

Kids Inn provides opportunities for the children to develop a valid sense of self.  They are encouraged to try, think, act with increasing independence, and be successful.

By providing this kind of environment, in which the needs of individual children and their families are met, Kids Inn aims to ensure children’s first experiences of care and learning are positive and fun. 

Kids Inn also believes that positive relationships between staff and parents are fundamental to children’s future learning and development.  The staff strives to make Kids Inn a learning environment where the values taught at home are echoed and strengthened, and where the children can feel safe and loved.

Darlene Mack
Owner and Director